Sunday, May 6, 2012

act two (lyn)

On Friday night I see half a play.  it's a bloody, gory mess called Massacre: Sing to Your Children.  I hadn’t planned on going back, but when I read the reviews after seeing the play, the second act sounded more compelling than the first, so I decide to go back for Act Two. 

The play is at one of my favorite little theaters called Rattlestick.  It’s a small venue, sort of dumpy, with one uni-sex bathroom that can only be accessed by crossing the stage.  But I like the downtown, youthful feel, and the people that run the theater are very accommodating.

I show up at the theater a few minutes before the play is starting. I start to ask the ticket-taker if I can just watch the second act, but before I get far in my explanation of why (which was going to be that I had to leave unexpectedly on Friday), she stops me.  “Oh, you’re a member, “ she says.  “I remember you from the other night (probably because my new haircut looks so bad).  Of course you can just stay for Act Two.”  In fact, she seems delighted I have returned.  “Come back in an hour and a quarter.  You can grab a seat anywhere that’s not taken.”   

While waiting for Act Two to begin, I go over to a nearby Starbucks and splurge on a skinny cappuccino and not-skinny gigantic chocolate-chip cookie.  With me I have a cheesy Mary Higgins Clark book to read (too bad I hadn’t thought to put it on my Kindle) and 20 active games of Words With Friends to play.  

Act Two turns out to be as much of a mess as Act One.

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