Tuesday, May 8, 2012

why I shouldn't leave my house (lyn)

I need to buy some groceries at Fairway.  I need to have rubber soles put on three pair of shoes.  I need to get a free replacement for my iPhone’s iVisor screen protector, that I had no idea shouldn’t be cleaned with a dry cloth but rather run under water and air-dried. And I need to buy a couple of cards.  So off I go with these four errands on my list of things to do.

I eat a quick, simple lunch of Fage yogurt with berries and honey.  I’m about two blocks from my apartment when I pass Pachute, my favorite little boutique.  Not only are their clothes hip and gorgeous, the one salesperson, Lisa, is totally wonderful.  Tiny.  Effortlessly chic.  Nice.  Not pushy.  Interesting.  And knows my tastes (and my wallet) perfectly.  I stop in.

The first thing I see is a gorgeous white linen top.  Lisa takes it out of my hands and tells me it’s too expensive.  She’s right.  The lines in it are beautiful, and you can just tell that the detailing is exquisite.  But at $500, I’m not even tempted.  I look at a few things, talk to Lisa for a while, and then head out.  As I’m saying goodbye, I see a scarf hanging toward the back.  I walk over and feel it.  It’s soft and lightweight.  Grisal, a company I’ve never heard of, makes it.  The fabric is something called Ramie, a natural fiber found in Japan, where the scarf is made.  It feels nicer than modal, which isn’t a natural fiber.  I try it on and fall in love.  It drapes beautifully.  Looks fabulous with my favorite black nylon coat.  Goes with a million other things.  I buy it.

As I’m paying, I see the perfect clutch (by Clare Vivier, whom I've never heard of) sitting on a bench.  I’ve been wanting a black clutch but not wanting to spend $600 or more to get one.  I pick it up.  The leather is soft.  It’s the perfect size.  I feel grown up with it.  I buy that too.  


Finally, I make it to my other errands.  I spend only $34 at Fairway and have enough food for the next five days.  That’s a good reason to leave the house.  As for the stop at Pachute?  Not so much.

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