Thursday, May 3, 2012

jil sander vs. michael kors (lyn)

The other day I went shopping in my closet and found a few unworn items:  A Jil Sander suit (pants, jacket and skirt) and a Michael Kors dress (navy blue, jersey material).  The tags were still on everything.

I decide to take these items to their respective stores to have them looked at.  My question is a simple one:  Would you alter this item, and if so, how?  All these clothes were purchased many pounds ago.

I expect the experience at both Madison Avenue stores to be similar.  They are not.

I first go to Michael Kors.  I overhear the salesman talking to the security clerk.  “He’s a she now,” he tells him in reference to I don’t know what.  But clearly I’m interrupting a conversation he’d rather be having than helping me.

I explain my situation and the salesman's first response, with an audible sigh is, “We won’t alter previous seasons' clothes.”  His tone suggests I shouldn’t even be wearing them.  “That’s okay,” I tell him.  “I just want your opinion on fit.”  I try the dress on; he looks at it and tells me it fits perfectly but needs a belt.  He then tries to sell me one but I defer, though he does take the time to explain that belts this season are being worn differently than in seasons past.  “They are higher now, and don’t lie on your waist.”  He takes one off another dress and says, “Here, let me show you,” then adds, “this belt might be a little small for you.”  Really.  Who likes hearing that, even if it is true (which in this case it isn’t).  I can tell he is anxious for me to leave since (a) I ‘m not buying anything, and (b) I’m sure he wants to get back to the she-who-was-a-he story.

I then go over to Jil Sander.  I think maybe Jil Sander herself calls in advance and speaks to the two salespeople, Jose and Lavdie, about my impending arrival.  And this is what I’m sure she says to them.  “Look, this women is coming by to have some clothes altered. I want you both to help her.  Don’t overcharge her for any alterations.  If our tailor is too expensive suggest she use her own.  Give her honest advice.  Spend time with her.  Offer her water.  Even if she brings a dress from Michael Kors with her, give her your opinion on that too.  In fact, if she wants the belt loops taken off that dress, just do it and don’t charge her.  Treat her like she’s our best customer ever and you’d do anything to make her happy.”  Because that’s exactly what Jose and Lavdie do.

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