Sunday, May 6, 2012

a minor injury (lyn)

I’m meeting Gail for brunch and a new play, Lonely, I’m Not with Topher Grace.  On my way to Marseille, where we are meeting, I step into a pothole and fall into the middle of the cross section of Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street.  I break my fall with my hands, and twist my ankle.  A man helps me up, and I am more embarrassed than hurt.  Putting pressure on my left foot is difficult at first, but within a few blocks I’m fine.

I get to the restaurant a few minutes before Gail.  Heads turn when she walks in.  She is definitely beginning to show signs of weight loss.  Her blond mane, peaches and cream complexion, and 6-foot frame cause heads to turn.  I regret not wearing higher shoes.

I almost never go out for brunch, so it’s a treat to have an excuse to order eggs benedict.  I opt for the smoked salmon instead of the Canadian bacon, but regret my choice once it arrives.  The cold salmon detracts from the otherwise hot meal.  If I’m going to eat a zillion points I want to enjoy every morsel.

I get home and realize I’ve left my credit card at the restaurant.  And, the only thing we drank was coffee!

This Morning
I get an email from Gail asking about my ankle.  She is such a concerned friend that even though I’ve forgotten all about it, she hasn’t.  She writes, “Did your ankle swell-up overnight (this can happen)?”

I start to write back that it hadn’t, but then decide to actually look at my ankle.  What I see are very dry feet and what looks like a golf ball where my left ankle should be:

I think it’s kind of funny.  Within a few minutes I get a call from Gail, offering (more like insisting) on picking up my credit card (I decline this incredibly generous offer), coming over with special ice packs and ice (I have ones I can use), and instructions from her doctor husband.

-- Take 2 Advil every 6 hours EVEN THOUGH IT DOES NOT HURT.  The Advil is an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY.  You need to decrease that swelling in order to help healing/make sure the neighboring tissues are okay . . .

--Ice it EVERY 2 HOURS for 10 MINUTES...If you do not have your own ice bag, let me know, since I have A TON OF THESE CUTE LITTLE GAL PAL ICE BAGS


--stay off your ankle!!! no long walks!! No, no, no, no!!

So now I have a good excuse not to walk (as if I need another one) AND a cute little ice bag is on its way from Amazon for my next injury.  

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