Wednesday, May 2, 2012

top 10 lists (lyn)

What do you write about when you have nothing to say?

My son has that problem when it comes to writing term papers, which in his case, is not okay.  But in my case, it is.  I don’t have to write.  And if I write about things that are too uninteresting or un-relatable, no one is going to read them.

Someone in Georgia is not going to care if it’s wet and cold in Manhattan today.

Someone trying to lose 50 pounds is not much interested in my desire to lose three.

And just describing my euphoria at finding the perfect Jil Sander dress, marked down from $1,150  to  $172.50, will mean little to anyone now, since that  sample sale ended on Saturday.

So today I’m going to write about a few things I like and don’t like (not listed in any particluar order).

10 everyday things I don’t like
  1. Having to wonder if I’m too old for certain styles of clothing
  2. Being unable to eat meat five nights a week because I know it’s not good for me 
  3. Accepting that I’ll probably never own an apartment or house
  4. Having to get my hair colored every three weeks for it to look---if not good--- at least not bad
  5. Worrying about money all the time, everyday
  6. Being long past the prime age for advertisers, 18 to 49
  7. No longer having ample cushioning on the balls of my feet, making walking in high heels unbearably uncomfortable
  8. Not being able to eat French Fries on a regular basis because they’ll make me fat
  9. Not having a boyfriend, wanting one, but having no desire to go through the effort of finding one
  10. Believing that if I could only have a personal trainer I would exercise!

10 everyday things I do like
  1. Pulling out a pair of size 27 jeans and having them fit
  2. Knowing I have, at a minimum, seven really close girlfriends
  3. Waking up everyday in the best city in the world
  4. Having no major health concerns
  5. Living within a short walk of both Agata and Fairway
  6. Being a mother to a fabulous son
  7. Getting in bed at night and having multiple shows to watch that I’ve DVR’ed 
  8. Getting lost in a great book
  9. Having both my parents alive; having brother-in-laws whom I adore; having two close sisters; and having two incredible nephews who live a few blocks away
  10. My new, 100%-cotton-made-in-Italy-purple-and-white-cotton-checked scarf that didn't, to use a favorite phrase of my mom's, "cost a fawtune."

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