Thursday, May 10, 2012

a few of the week's highlights (lyn)

I have a meeting with the company I’m working with, and one of the technical people accuses me of “going way beyond my responsibilities” when I suggest new copy that can better describe how to use the product we're about to launch.  I am proud of myself for not responding angrily, which is what I feel, but I calmly sip my latte and let him rant.  In the end, the copy does not get changed and users remain confused.  I leave the meeting frustrated and upset, but happy for my restraint.

My mom had wanted to come up for Mother’s Day, but does not feel comfortable leaving my dad.  Instead, I make plans with Valerie to go up to the Cape and visit my parents next week.  Jean will also come up and join us.  My mom is thrilled.

Bloomingdales gives me too few Loyallist points.  To apologize, they are sending me a $25 gift card.

I do another closet reduction and find more clothes I thought I couldn’t live without.  But since I’ll probably never again wear the pink Akris jacket or the light blue Piazza Sempione jacket that used to go with a matching skirt or the silver quilted Tory Burch flats (that never were comfortable), I will give them all away.  Designer Resale insults me again by rejecting everything I bring them but assures me it’s not personal. 

Robyn and I see a screening of Dark Shadows.  It’s another well done, imaginative film by Tim Burton that I don’t love; perhaps it’s the vampire theme that doesn’t thrill me.

I adore my Myabi Kaizen 8-inch chef’s knife, and find myself using it to cut up everything from tomatoes to chicken.  I’m looking forward to Alexander’s return as an excuse to start cooking more.  There are a few hundred other reasons I’m excited about having my son home for three months.  This is only one of them.

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