Monday, October 25, 2010

1960's hair (lyn)

Last week my hair looked like it had died, so I let Stanley convince me to get a Brazilian blow-out.  “Trust me, “ he said, “You’ll love it.  It will make your hair shine.  It will give it volume.  It will fall straight, but not too straight.  There will be no frizz.  You’ll be able to blow it dry in minutes.”  I was waiting for him to add that it will find me the perfect job and get Alexander into his first choice school.  How could I say no?

We negotiated a price, and last Tuesday I went and had my hair blown out, the Brazilian way.   True, it felt silky.  And yes, it was shiny.  The frizz was gone.  But so was the volume.  It just hung.  I left feeling like I should be on my way to Woodstock (longish, straight hair, with an off-center path).

Next time I wash it the body will return.  This is what I tell myself.  So on Friday I washed it.  Yes, I could blow dry my hair in minutes.  I’m one of those people who is physically incapable of using a blow dryer for anything beyond drying.  It actually looked nice.  But still pretty flat.  Okay, next time I won’t blow it out and see what happens.

So that’s what I try today.  A little better, but still, I look like Morticia of the Addams Family.  I would be thrilled if this were 1966 and I could give up ironing my hair.

I’m finally happy with my clothed body and now I have to worry about my hair!  

Next week:  I've already made an appointment for a new hair cut.  Maybe bangs and layers will help.

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