Saturday, October 30, 2010

finally (lyn)

Everything about applying to college is different today.  From the intense focus on testing (including months of prep and tutors) to the Common Application to electronic submissions.  The process is easier than it was when I was doing it, but the stakes feel higher and the competition more intense.  The Early Action and Early Decision applications are due on Monday, November 1st.  I’ve never filed my taxes on April 15th, and I told Alexander that he was absolutely not going to be finalizing his essays at five of twelve on Monday evening (as some of his friends no doubt will be doing).

Everything else is secondary this weekend. Even the delicious weight watcher’s chicken parmigiana recipe I make for dinner. 

But at 2am this morning, the submit button is hit and three applications are sent. 

And now we wait.  We wait until we hear in mid-December.  But in the meantime, I’ll be pushing Alexander to submit his remaining 10 applications that are due January 1st.  Just in case.

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