Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a zero point snack (lyn)

So I walk a mile to my Weight Watchers meeting in a light misty rain with 100% humidity.  It’s about 70 degrees.  Ideal frizzing weather.  But my no-volume hair remains unfrizzed.

I get on the ww scale and Robyn smiles kindly.  “Down point six,” she says.  I’m within my ideal weight, which I’ve decided is 120 pounds, plus or minus one.  Today I’m 120.2.  Perfect.

Today’s meeting is about 1 and 2-point snacks.  A woman who is a professional cook, and who has written actual cookbooks, presents the most novel idea.

·      Take a sheet of nori (aka, dried seaweed, or in more colloquial terms, the stuff encasing sushi rolls)
·      Coat lightly in olive oil, or pumpkin oil (just a finger’s dab worth)
·      Add sea salt (optional)
·      Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes

“As good as french fries,” she says.  “And, my teenage kids love them.”  With that recommendation, I decide that tonight I’ll make this as a pre-dinner snack.

Alexander gets home around 7.  I was supposed to go to a screening with Zelia, but because I’ve been out the past two nights, I decide to stay home.  I surprise Alexander with this new dish.

I follow the instructions exactly.  After 20 minutes, I retrieve some scary looking black thing from the oven. Maybe it tastes better than it looks.  Wrong.  It tastes like burnt paper.  Horrible.  I must have done something very wrong.

I have nine remaining sheets of nori.  Now what?

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