Sunday, October 17, 2010

sunday dinner (lyn)

A few years ago I was on vacation with someone I had recently befriended.  We were having dinner when she asked, “Why do Jews always have Chinese food on Sunday night?”  I took offense to the question.  Maybe because it followed another remark my non-Jewish friend had made earlier in the evening when she labeled a particularly loud and obnoxious fellow-diner as Jewish.  

But the truth is, Alexander and I were once one of those Sunday Night Is Chinese Night Jews, although not anymore.  Not since Weight Watchers.  Except for a rare indulgence, I almost never eat Chinese food.  We’ve replaced it with a healthier alternative, sushi.

Our go-to sushi place is a small, non-descript Japanese restaurant that Zelia introduced me to about a year ago.  If you order by four, you can get the lunch special:  soup, salad, and three rolls.  It’s a great deal (only $11) and we always order the same three rolls:  salmon avocado, yellowtail with scallion, and tuna avocado (for Alexander) and eel avocado (for me). 

Poor Alexander allowed himself only 20 minutes for dinner.   Toni Morrison and college supplements beckoned.  It’s not easy being a high school senior.

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