Saturday, October 30, 2010

snack-mom (lyn)

This week is my turn to provide snacks after the football game. Well, me and two others.    Snack is probably not the right word.  When I think of snack, I think of a few little, easily thrown together things, like candy or chips.  Snack after football games is nothing like that.  It’s more a smorgasbord of unhealthy, highly caloric foods.   Early in the week we, the snack-moms, decide on Kentucky Fried Chicken, as it was such a hit a few weeks ago.

We leave at halftime and miss the first of two 40-yard touchdowns.  The Horace Mann Lions still lose, but it is an exciting game (32 to 40, the most we’ve scored in one game in two years).  We arrive at KFC and it’s the first time I’ve been in one since enactment of a NYC law requiring chain restaurants to post calories.   What a great appetite-suppressant that is.  The numbers are staggering.  I think a fried chicken breast was 440 calories (but I later check and see that it has 27 grams of fat, that’s 11 ww points).  I had planned on having one, but after seeing the calorie count decide to settle instead on one biscuit.  .  We purchase dozens of buckets, some with grilled chicken (but mostly fried), french fries, and biscuits.

The food is a big hit.  The boys always come out of the locker room, regardless of the final score, with smiles on their faces and an eagerness to eat.  I enjoy the camaraderie of the parents, but like the other moms, I’ll be glad when the season is over.

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