Monday, February 21, 2011

a celebration (lyn)

Alexander finished his second trimester on Friday.  In his mind, he’s done.  Colleges will look at these grades to help make their decision, so it’s important that these grades be good.  But final trimester grades, unless royally messed up, are not nearly as important.  Alexander has worked hard and is well-deserving of a celebration.

So tonight, along with Zelia and her kids, Rodrigo and Victoria, we go to Fishtail by David Burke, a new restaurant where none of us have been before.  Again, we are taking advantage of the $35 fixed price for restaurant week.  I arrive hungry and immediately eat two warm rolls.  The mini taco starter of crabmeat, raw tuna and raw salmon is adorable and excellent.  And the swordfish steak with fries is also good.   A million calories get added for dessert but the apple tart is worth it.

This is a group who is not shy about expressing opinions, arguing, complimenting, and laughing together.  There is always at least one child-parent disagreement, with the child thinking the parent is one of three things: clueless, a nagger, or unfair.  In good humor, all of these surface tonight.  The conversations are never boring, and always full of live.  It's a great night.

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