Monday, February 28, 2011

big reasons to stay small (lyn)

Get up late.  Go on blog.  See a new comment.

Anonymous said...
I just wanted to add that although it may seem insignificant, the whole issue of maintaining weight loss is a big deal and I am very interested in hearing how "L" manages this part of the process. There has been so much written on this topic which is very discouraging (Gina Kolata comes to mind) but here we have a great case study for how to do it right. Just as her weight loss inspired so many of us, I am routing for "L" to continue to be a role model in what many describe as the most difficult part of weight control. By the way, if "L" weren't so honest about herself and was perfect in every way, who would want to read this blog?

Whomever you are, thank-you.  Can’t tell you how good this makes me feel. 

Then I get an email from a friend.

Just want to let you know, since you have been my inspiration…I became a lifetime member at WW on Friday…now I hope I can keep it off…

What a great way to start the day.

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