Wednesday, February 23, 2011

need to reverse upward trend (lyn)

Until the past week, I’d been tracking.  Everything.  While I’m technically on maintenance, I have never lowered my points so theoretically I should still be losing weight.  I’m not.  I take a look back over the past six weeks and see the following:


I am happy with my current weight, but for all the diligence I’ve been putting into the tracking, I would expect some decrease but see none.  Although I’ve been staying within my points (including bonus points), I’ve been going out a lot.  Tonight will be no exception (10 of us are going to a steakhouse to celebrate Shari’s birthday). 

When I weigh myself this morning and see I’m 122.6, I decide to skip my Weight Watchers meeting.  After tonight, I’ll be more careful.  Oh, but then Shari’s making her famous lasagna for a little get-together I’m having this Sunday for the Oscars.  I want to get back to 120.  It make take a few weeks but I think I know how to get there.  Track more and eat less.  Sounds easy enough.  We'll see.

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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM EST

    In reading your blog it seems as though you have far more important things to focus your attention toward than tracking how many ounces you've gained. Perhaps it's now time to shift gears and find a new goal that will make an equally important difference in your life...