Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a meeting (lyn)

I recently became a member of the BAFTA screening committee.  I’ll be assigned a studio and will be responsible for securing films (and talent) for BAFTA members to view.  Tonight I host a small meeting (me and two others) at my house.

Since the meeting is planned for 6pm, I assume my two guests will be hungry. So the big question becomes, “What do I serve?”  I am not a natural hostess.  In fact, of all the rooms in my house (or more precisely, in any house), the kitchen is where I am most awkward.  So I need to plan.

Here’s my strategy: 
1. Buy food that Alexander (or I) will eat if any is leftover.
2. Buy food that I mostly can avoid.
3. Buy food that is easy to eat, since part of the meeting will involve working on a computer.

I go to Agata and buy two kinds of cheeses, some pate, a French baguette (cut up), and about two pounds of red grapes.  I arrange everything in the appropriate serving pieces, and put it out.  Melinda and Susan arrive, separately, exactly at six.  It’s a very punctual group.

“What can I get you both to drink?  I have wine, water, apple cider, diet coke, tea or coffee.”  “Water would be fine,” they both chime in.  “You must be hungry,” I say.  Melinda answers first with, “Oh I'm fine.  I ate a late lunch." Then Susan adds, “I’m meeting my sister for dinner after our meeting.”  Neither eat a thing, but as consolation, they both love my glasses  (which I fell in love with, too, at Corinne’s in December 2008.  They are the 12-ounce Bodum Pavina Double-Wall Thermo Glasses.  They are lightweight, made of glass, can be used for hot or cold drinks, don’t require coasters, and look great).

The meeting lasts about 90 minutes.  My guests consume two glasses of water.  That’s it.  Not even a single grape.   

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