Saturday, January 29, 2011

an easy exchange (lyn)

In early April of last year, I pooled together money I’d been given for my birthday and Chanukah and finally bought a winter coat by Postcard.  These coats are slimming, warm and stylish.   Here’s a picture:

 I had been looking at these coats for a couple of years.  It had even been on my Wish List, along with one carat diamond stud earrings that I’ll probably never own, a pastel-colored (or light beige) Balenciaga City bag that is also an unlikely purchase,  or three stretchy bangle bracelets at Judith Miller-- two in white gold and one in yellow (also very unlikely).  The Postcard coat even included the size and color, as I had previously tried it on.  Deep navy in a size 44, equivalent to a size 8. 

When I finally got around to buying the coat last April, the 44 no longer fit, but the size 42 (or 6) looked great.  I bought it, and put it in my closet for next season.

Well now it’s well into next season and yesterday I take my new coat out of the closet;  I’m finally ready to wear it.  I’m all dressed and ready to leave the house to meet Carl.  I cut off the tags and put it on.  I do a quick mirror check and see myself in a coat that would probably fit Oprah.  I don’t wear it.

Today, almost 10 months after purchasing the coat, I take it back to Searle (without a receipt) to return it for a smaller size.  I’m expecting a huge argument, even though this exact coat is still sold there. 

I get to the store and see a friendly-looking salesperson.  “Hi, may I see the manager please?”  “I’m the manager, how can I help?”  I explain the situation;  I show him the tags that I had cut off the coat.  “No problem;  let’s see if we have the coat you want.”  I'm convinced he's a Zappos employee working incognito at Searle.

I see the same kind saleswoman who helped me last year.  She agrees completely that I belong in the size 40 ( a size 4).  I find the exact same coat in navy.  It looks gorgeous.  I effortlessly return my old coat and leave with the new one.  I still can’t believe how easy it was.  

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