Friday, January 21, 2011

a new favorite toy (lyn)

Zelia is home from the hospital and feeling almost normal.  She went in at 114 pounds and came out a day later, having eaten no solid foods, at 121.7 (a lot of fluids were pumped into her tiny body).  It’s the first time she’s weighed more than I do, although that won’t be for long, I'm sure.

Before going to see Zelia, I stop by Robyn’s who has just had a laser peel.  She hands me the brochure.  It’s called Contour TRL, “safe and effective deep skin resurfacing.”  I’m sure in a week that Robyn will look gorgeous with her beautiful brand new baby-soft skin.  But today she looks scary.  Her face is red and blistering and she has Vaseline all over it to seal in the moisture.  Robyn appears to be as bubbly as ever and seems to be in no pain, despite looking like she should be in agony.

Robyn is one of the most thoughtful people I know.  She is incapable of going anywhere without bringing something.  Here are just a few of the things she’s given me in the past couple of months:
  • ricotta homemade ice cream from Agata that is amazing, really
  • little pink panties from her office (she sells lingerie)
  • multi-colored fuzzy socks because she knows I have no heat (by choice);  I rarely take them off
  • age defying wrinkle defense serum from Borghese because she bought extra bottles at a sample sale
She is the consummate shopper and I benefit from this.
  • “Hi, I’m at Morton Williams and they are having a sale on Fage yogurt, should I pick you up some?”
  • “I’m at Bendels and I can get any makeup there for 20% off, do you need anything?”
  • “I’m at Loehmann’s and they just got in a shipment of Hanro.”
Robyn is amazingly generous.  Today I discover that not only can Robyn not visit without bringing something, but she also can’t be visited without giving something.

Before I leave Robyn’s, she insists on my taking her monthly Metrocard since she can’t leave the house for the next few days.  Then she hands me some cream horns that someone gave her but she can’t eat, as each is 300 calories.  She hands me a package of four to give to the only person we both know who can eat all four, Alexander.  Then she gives me about five new magazines that she’s already gone through.  I later give these to Zelia.  And then she says, “Oh, and here, you’ve got to take this,” and she hands me a box which says on it, “Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing.”  “Try it.  I can’t use it for the next six weeks.  Just buy a new brush at Sephora for $25, and trust me, you’ll want to buy your own.  It’s amazing.”

I buy the brush and take it home.  My typical face-washing regime is this:  splash some water on my face; towel dry; done.  The Mia takes more effort but it feels so good, and my skin afterwards looks like I just came from an expensive facial. 

I think I’m going to love this.  

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