Saturday, April 16, 2011

cabin fever (lyn)

Alexander still has a fever.  Six days now.  It fluctuates between normal and 102.4 (this evening).  We’ve been to the doctor twice.  She’s checked him, taken blood tests, and everything comes back normal.  Aside from a cough, he seems fine.  Fevers scare me, but I try not to let him see my concern.

When he is up (he’s been sleeping a lot), he is eating (he still has a good appetite), drinking (ginger ale, water, or Gatorade), or half-reclining.  His energy level is understandably low.  Because I’m tracking, I have tried to occupy myself with computer stuff, reading, and other things non-food related. 

Alexander is tired of being in, and I loathe seeing him sick.  In trying to find a cure, he  researches fevers and comes across something called cabin fever.  Without reading its definition, he asks worriedly, “What’s that?  Do you think I might have that?”  “Yes, sweetheart, I know you do.”  “Why do you think that?  What are the symptoms?”  “Boredom, restlessness, and a strong desire to leave the house.”  I wish this is all he had.  At least that's something I know how to fix.

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