Sunday, April 24, 2011

a weekend of doing a lot and paying little (lyn)

Zelia and I go to the movies on Friday to see The Lincoln Lawyer.  I use a discounted movie pass bought a couple of years ago.  Since joining BAFTA, I pay for fewer and fewer movies.  In fact, the last time I saw a non-screened movie was in September. Seven months ago.  I’d forgotten how good my taste-free popcorn is with a few junior mints thrown in.

Saturday afternoon is raining.  Jill and I are paying $4 to see an off-Broadway play, Teeth of the Sons, at a popular theater in the Village.  After the play, there is a talkback with the playwright, actors and director.  The audience, as is true of most NY audiences, is filled with smart, insightful people.  Their questions and comments are more enlightening than annoying.  Afterwards, we go looking for a place to have coffee.  All the little coffeehouses and Starbucks are hiding, as we walk for blocks before finding one.  A tiny bakery.  Jill is hungry and gets an almond croissant that looks incredible.  This is my week of tracking so I take only a bite, and order a cappuccino.  Conversation is easy with Jill and by the time we leave the sun is out and it feels like mid-afternoon, though it’s 6:30.

Alexander comes into my room on Sunday around noon.  I tell him I’m leaving soon to meet Robyn.  For another $4, we are seeing The School of Lies, a play in the East Village starring Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep’s daughter).  “Whoa.  You are going to theater in the daytime? Again?  Who does that?  It’s like drinking in the afternoon.”  This, from my culturally-deprived son who views theater of any kind as punishment.  He goes on.  “I can’t believe you drag your friends into this too.  Yesterday Jill.  Today Robyn.”  And to think I once imagined sharing my love of theater with my son. 

But we do share a love for sushi and movies.  Dinner is Chinatown with raw fish. A great combination.

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