Wednesday, April 13, 2011

writing it all down (lyn)

122.0.  Too high.

I begin tracking again, something I haven’t done since  February 20.  I want to get back to around 120, and the only way to lose weight is to track.  I know it works.

It’s raining and Alexander still has a fever of 101.  I skip Weight Watchers.  I’m sitting at my desk and the phone rings.  It’s Alexander calling from his cell as he sits in bed (in his room) and watches Zoolander.  “Hi, mom.  Can you please get me a bottle of water?”  The refrigerator is exactly 23 feet from his bed.

The last time Alexander had a fever was on his 10th birthday.  My mom came to visit, and surprised him by bringing his cousin Sally who is exactly 50 days younger.  His fever then only lasted a couple of days so we were still able to celebrate.  I hope the same is true of this fever now.

We go to Alexander’s doctor who advises Alexander not to visit Cornell tomorrow as planned, and not to go to school.  Apparently you should be fever-free for 24 hours before subjecting others to your germs. We get home around 11:30, and Alexander eats a big onion focaccia, then falls asleep.  He opens his eyes around 7:00 and is ravenous.  I make him a big salad and heart-shaped ravioli while I eat two slices of turkey on a bagel thin, with a side of 15 Pringles. It’s only my first day of tracking in a very long time;  I have to be good.

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