Wednesday, April 20, 2011

seder #2 (lyn)

Last night 13 of us go went to Valerie’s.  This time we even did some reading from the Haggadah.  Adam opens his and sees his own handwriting from his Hebrew School Days. I eat like the old me, including again two slices of 7-layer cake.

This morning I step on my scale (I’m not even considering going to Weight Watchers today).  123.6.  Wow.  I start hearing that woman from my ww class who became a lifetime member this year and always expresses her fear of being one of the 80% or so who gain back the weight they’ve lost.  I know I’ll never be as heavy as I was, but I want to stay thin.  My clothes demand it.

I look at my calendar.  Not one big meal is currently scheduled for the next two weeks.  Perfect.  I’m back to tracking.  All seven days this time.  Might even bring out my food scale.

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