Monday, April 18, 2011

seder #1 (lyn)

For the past five days I’ve been tracking.  I’ve barely used any bonus points.  But when I started the week, I’d forgotten that it would end with two big holiday dinners.

Jill (Abbey’s sister) hosts tonight, the first night of Passover. 

I had planned to skip the appetizers but once they are in front of me, I can’t resist.  Chopped liver, crudité with dip, Jill’s amazing homemade egg salad and chopped liver.  These are foods I only eat on the Jewish holidays; at least that’s the excuse I give myself to indulge.  Dinner starts with matzo ball soup, followed by a filet mignon roast (I have two large pieces that are nowhere near the recommended deck-of-card-size) and steamed string beans.  I have fruit and two small slices of 7-layer cake for dessert, and decide as I eat, that I will not be tracking points tonight and tomorrow.

My ancestors would not have had time to count what they were eating.  They were in a very big hurry to get out of Egypt in search of The Promised Land.  Tracking would have held them up.  So tonight I do what they did centuries ago…be thankful for all I have, enjoy the food in front of me, and worry about tomorrow another day.

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