Saturday, April 9, 2011

lucky day (lyn)

Spring is here and I need a berry bowl.  I have a couple, but they are all big.  I need one small enough for blueberries.

My favorite small store is La Terrine, described in NY Magazine this way:  “This pleasantly crowded shop imports covetable French, Italian, and Portuguese ceramics, all of which are hand-painted.”  The store is just a little bit bigger than the bathroom/dressing room I was in the other day.  But it houses the most beautiful collection of dishes, serving pieces, and other kitchen-related items.

Today I go there to buy a small berry bowl…an essential for any kitchen (I have two others and use them all the time, especially during fruit-season).  I choose a happy-looking yellow.  I also end up buying dishtowels painted with golden-orange pears, and a small spreader with an ivory handle (this is why I should never leave my house).

As I’m leaving, I notice a stunning off-white platter.  I comment on its beauty and the store owner says, “Oh, we are having a raffle today.  You should enter.”  So I fill out a short entry form and leave.

A few hours later I get a call from the store's owner;  I won!  I run out and buy a NY Lottery ticket.  If I can be lucky just one more time today I’ll win $16 million.

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