Wednesday, June 8, 2011

and finally, dinner (lyn)

Three hours after coming home full from graduation excitement and food, eight of us meet up for dinner.  This time without my camera.

Valerie has picked the restaurant, Lusardi’s.  We are greeted by the manager, Amar.  He used to manage another restaurant called Willy’s that closed a few years ago.  Willy’s was my go-to restaurant, and Amar watched Alexander mature from a restless baby in a high-chair to a well-behaved high school graduate.

I wasn’t hungry, but ended up eating as if I were.  Buffalo mozzarella and tomato/roasted pepper salad, duck breast with apricots, and shared desserts.  The most memorable part of dinner with my family is never the food, and tonight is no exception.

I think I’ll trying living on fruit and vegetables for a while.  But these past two celebratory days have been worth every single bite.

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