Thursday, June 30, 2011

not an auspicious start (lyn)

Vacation starts today.  That’s what I tell myself as an excuse to eat whatever I want for the next five days.  I step on the scale and it’s already high.  122.4.

We are out the door by 8:15, and almost miss our 9 am bus.  Traffic is heavy.  Our $21 cab ride costs more that our bus to Newton, Massachusetts.  I make little nova and cream cheese sandwiches on bagels --- the thins for me, the normal ones for Alexander.  We eat these on the bus.   I figure they should hold us (or at least me) until dinner since I know we'll be eating early. 

Jean and Jack meet us at the train station (Jim and Sally will be coming down on Saturday). “We’ll stop at a Subway’s for lunch,” Jean says.  “Fine,” I say, as I’m sure Alexander is hungry.  I plan on skipping this meal.  But once there, and with everyone else ordering, I give in and order too.  I get a six-inch veggie sub with lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, avocado, a little mustard, mayo and a drop of vinegar.  It’s perfect.

We get to the Cape a little after four, just in time to start thinking about dinner.  Soon we are eating again.

Jean’s made an unusual, but delicious, cold salad of cabbage, pasta, tomatoes, chicken, red peppers, and some oriental sauce that brings the whole dish to life.  It’s excellent.  She then produces a container of her homemade chocolate chip cookies that are better than Tate’s.  She could open a restaurant.  She’s that good.

After dinner, we spent about twenty minutes discussing future dinners.  My mom’s biggest concern when people are visiting is the food.  Is there enough?  Is there the right kind?  This one is allergic to fish.  That one doesn’t like steak.  Someone else is on a diet and won’t eat pasta.  So she likes to know what we will be eating for dinner every night through Sunday.  Shockingly, we come to an agreement.

By ten, everyone is in bed with their books, newspapers, and iPads.  There is something about the Cape air; it  makes us all so sleepy.  Or is that what it feels like to be relaxed?

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