Thursday, June 23, 2011

cookie monster (lyn)

Before Alexander leaves this morning, he says, “Hey, we need milk and orange juice.  Isn’t that your job to know when we are running out of these things?”  I know he’s joking, but really, as a non-working mom, maybe he’s right.

I leave the house with $15 and no debit card, thinking that should be more than enough, even accounting for the yogurt I plan to buy.  I get to D’Agastino’s and see the black and white Entenmann cookies that are never ever in stock. I grab a box.  The 10-items or less line is not open, but the lines aren’t too bad.  It’s still early.  The cashier rings up my four items.  $18.36.  And that’s with a discount for the large orange juice.  How can it be so much?  Well, it is.  Now I have to reduce my purchase.  The people in line behind me are patient.  They say nothing, but they must be annoyed.  I know I would be. I consider aloud returning the two small yogurts, but when the cashier suggests the cookies, I feel too guilty trading 0-fat yogurt for 4-point cookies.  I come home cookie-less.

But once home, I begin thinking,

D’Agastino’s is always out of these cookies.  I can never find them except on Fresh Direct and I only order from them about once a month.  Alexander really loves these cookies.  They do make an easy and quick dessert.  I know I have self-restraint and would never sit down and eat the whole box. 

I grab my debit card, go back to the store, and buy two boxes. 

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