Monday, June 20, 2011

lunch at atlantic grill (lyn)

M is leaving around 1:30, so we plan a leisurely morning.  Shopping first, lunch later.

I love shopping with M because she actually buys things.  When I shop with my mom, for example, we can look for hours and the something she is seeking is never quite found.  We may come across almost-buys, but in the end, what she finds is always too long, too short, too expensive, not quite the right color, not quite the right fit, or  too much, “like something I already have.”    In other words, shopping with my mother never results in a purchase. 

M and I have our yogurt, fruit, honey and granola mix and then go over to a couple of little stores in my neighborhood…Hoofbeats and Fill-r-up.   Both sell great gifts and monogrammed items of every imaginable kind.  We both fall in love with Liz Victory’s designs, and end up with monogrammed cosmetic cases.  Deciding on the purchase takes ten minutes; deciding on the color of the monogramming takes another 30.  By the time we’re done, it’s time for lunch.

It’s a perfect day.  Sunny but not too hot.  We got to Atlantic Grill and eat curbside.  Our waiter limps over to our table and apologizes for being slow-moving.  “I’m sorry,” he explains, “But I got a piece of glass stuck in my foot on Saturday, and plan to go to the hospital later today to get it out.”  Today is Monday;  I am glad I’m not his mother.

We consider lobster.  We both love it and there are very few calories in it.  But at $26/pound, and the smallest lobster being two pounds, we pass.  Instead, we both order perfectly prepared chopped salads with grilled shrimp on top.  The salads are great, and so is the lobster and shrimp egg roll that we split before.

M totally charms Salvatore, our glass-infested young waiter.  Before lunch ends, I’m already missing her.

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