Monday, June 27, 2011

a mini-vacation (lyn)

The phone rings early.  I’m asleep but I hear the word “pool” and immediately get up.  It’s Shari.  “It’s a gorgeous day.  I’m taking the day off.  Come with me up to my parent’s and we’ll spend the day at their pool.  I’m calling Corinne and see if she can come too.”  She does and she can.

When Shari offers to pick up sandwiches, I’m grateful.  I don’t stress out over all the calories in “real bread” that I now rarely eat.

I feel like one of the girls in Sex in the City.  It’s my first day in a bathing suit and I’m not afraid to get in one.  I wear the beautiful Karla Colletto I bought last year and have never worn.  I wear it with a summery pink and green crystal necklace that Valerie gave me, and I walk out the door feeling like Carrie without her manolo’s.

I want to arrive at the Cape with a little color, and I’m tired of looking wintery.  With only a 15 on my face and 30 on my body, I lie in the sun thinking I will read.  But the conversation with my two friends is more fun.  It’s all girl talk, and something we rarely do.

When the sun sneaks behind the clouds we take a break for lunch.  The turkey on some grainy wheat bread from Grace’s is excellent.   Shari’s parents had wanted to take us for a nice lunch in their country club dining room, but we don’t want to give up too much sun-time. 

We laugh, we sun, and we even swim.  The day flies by, and by five we are back in the city, tan and rested.  I feel like I’ve been gone a week.  

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