Wednesday, June 15, 2011

in-between (lyn)

So I go to Weight Watchers today and am delighted to see that I am 120.6.  That’s even .6 down from my last weigh-in on May 25th.  In the three weeks in-between, I have:

  • Not tracked once.
  • Eaten a ton of pizza at a school reunion.
  • Celebrated post-prom at a Mexican restaurant that offered gigantic portions that I then consumed.
  • Had a nice Italian dinner out with Carol.
  • Had a small apple pie every week from the Saturday Farmer’s Market.
  • Gone to a party at Penny’s and ate my way through it.
  • Purchased and eaten Lloyd’s carrot cake more than once.
  • Had three huge celebratory meals to celebrate Alexander’s graduation, all at very nice restaurants.
  • Eaten a big dinner with Zelia in the West Village, including a dessert of pie and ice cream.

I have been conditioned by Weight Watchers to make good choices.  But still,  I have to wonder. Am I really that good in-between these big eating events, or am I going to wake up one morning and be 40 pounds heavier?

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