Wednesday, June 22, 2011

why I shouldn't leave my house (lyn)

Late last night I go to the bank and take out $100.  In a nanosecond it is gone.  I reconstruct the day to see how it could possibly have disappeared so quickly.

“I need money for lunch,” Alexander announces soon after he awakes.  He is working for the summer and does not want to bring a lunch in every day, despite my offer to make it.  I tell him that if he plans on buying lunch, he’ll have to pay for it out of the money he earns.  He agrees.  But his first paycheck won’t arrive until he has worked for two weeks. 

I meet my friend Ellen at the Met this morning, to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit.  It’s a fascinating study of a man whose work was so revolutionary and intelligent that one cannot help but be in awe.  The recommended donation is $20, but given my unemployed status, I contribute only five.

After the exhibit, Ellen and I stop for coffee.  We share stories of our youth, and I learn that the person I know today is much tamer than the wilder, younger version I never knew.  But then I wonder if that is true for all of us.  Does age make us less exciting?

I go to Ros Tailoring to pick up a pair of camouflage shorts that I bought at Maxwell’s two summers ago.  I brought them to Ros last week, as they are at least two sizes too big.  They have never been worn.  I think Ros gives me a discount when I surprise him with four little laminated ID’s that I made for his grandson…a fake driver’s license, doctor’s ID, fireman’s ID, and police ID.  I wish I could make a living doing something creative like this.  But really, I doubt there is much of a market for fake ID’s for three-year-olds.  Maybe 18-year-olds, but then that would be illegal.

Next stop is Citarella to buy some things for dinner.  Marinated pork tenderloin, some vegetables, rice, and a chicken pot pie (good for two meals).

I buy some bananas and strawberries at one of the many fruit and vegetable vendors on the street.

I surprise Alexander and order the 3-roll lunch special at Ging’s by 4pm.  Alexander loves having sushi for dinner.  Oh no, am I developing senior habits by ordering the lunch special for dinner? 

Crime may be at an all time low, but still, the streets of New York are dangerous for the unemployed!

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