Tuesday, June 7, 2011

dinner at T-Bar (lyn)

Sally, my 18-year-old niece, comes to NY from Boston to celebrate Alexander’s graduation.  Sally graduated on Sunday.  Her dad, Jim, is also in town.  Tonight, we join Valerie and Abbey for dinner at T-Bar.

Our reservation is for 8:30, giving us more than enough time to get ready.

It is brutally hot.  T-Bar is a busy NY scene, so I want to look like I belong.  I love my perfect little Wolford tulle black skirt.  It’s form-fitting, short, but not too short, and perfect for an evening out.  I put it on and ask Alexander to take pictures.

I snap a few of him and Sally first.  

Then I ask him to take some of me.  I smile. I pose.  I feel like I am looking good.  Later, when I upload the pictures, I see my son’s humor. 

At the restaurant, I eat too much.  A cosmopolitan (they are the best here).  Tuna tartare appetizer.  A big burger and fries.  A few tastes of some communal desserts.

It’s a nice night, but then I embarrass my understated sister who does not like having attention drawn to her.  Abbey suggests a group photo.  It’s almost 11, and the restaurant is mostly cleared out.  And so we pose.  The remaining diners look on with smiles.

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