Wednesday, June 8, 2011

lunch at the NY botanical garden (lyn)

Before leaving the school, we take more pictures.  By then, everyone is wilting and the men have all soaked through their shirts.  But at least no one had to use the ambulance.

Three parents have arranged a beautiful lunch at the New York Botanical Garden.  About 50 families (400 people) attend.  The Botanical Garden is a short drive away.  The room is beautiful.  After last night, I didn’t think I could ever be hungry again, so I am amazed at how much I eat.  I skip the steak, but still have salad, salmon, pasta, asparagus and dessert.  The food is excellent.

I hate saying good-bye, and know that the people with whom I am friendly, I will continue to see.  Alexander’s leaving Horace Mann is also an ending for me.  No more school events.  No more weekly e-blasts.  No more Horace Mann mail.  No more HM bills.  No more Saturday afternoon football games.

I’m going to miss the association I had with Horace Mann.  I ask Alexander if he had it do over again, would he still have selected this school.  His answer is a resounding yes.  I agree with him; he chose wisely.

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