Sunday, June 26, 2011

the bribe (lyn)

Yesterday I had hoped to spend the day with Alexander.  I was thinking maybe a museum during the day, and dinner out and a movie at night.  It’s been awhile since we’ve done any of these things together.  But our plans change.  Alexander ends up at a five-hour driver’s ed class during the day, and over to a friend’s house at night.

So today, I’m hoping we can resurrect yesterday’s squashed plans.

I finally wake Alexander around 10:30.  He gets up with much resistance and tells me that he and his friend are getting together again today.  But he suggests, for us, that we stay in tonight and watch Thelma and Louise on Netflix.  “I’ll make shrimp scampi,” I volunteer.  I know it’s a lot of points but we haven’t had it in awhile. 

Still, I want to do something with my son today. “Let’s go for a walk,” I say.  “Okay, but if I do that, can I go over to Sam’s after?”  A walk with me has been relegated to chore-status. 

It’s hot and muggy and noon by the time we leave the house.  Not the best weather for a 3.6-mile walk around the reservoir.  We leave the house and two blocks later Alexander asks, “If I go home now, is there anything else I can do as a substitute?”  I say no.  

In the end, our walk turns out to be just as good as a museum visit.  Maybe better.

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