Tuesday, February 28, 2012

6 points (m)

One of the many things I've given up since joining WW is the breakfast burrito at McDonald's.  Under the Points Program, it was 15 points.  I am sure it's more than that with the Points Plus program.

While shopping at Costco on an empty stomach, I sample the cheese burritos that come in a box and are sold in the freezer section.  The woman who is doing the demo says they are "veddy veddy low in fat."  I say, "Llet me see the box, please."  One gram of fat.  13 grams of protein. 48 carbs.  Six points total.

I take them home and heat one up in the microwave.  They are excellent and very filling.

The only thing I'd change is that I would do them in the toaster oven next time.  Takes longer to cook but the skin won't be so tough.

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