Wednesday, February 22, 2012

weigh too high (lyn)

I go to weight watchers, step on the scale, and Robin gives me a weak smile.  Even she, the eternal optimist, cannot say much that's good about being up 3.2 pounds since my last weigh-in four weeks ago. Although she does try.  "Not horrible. I wouldn't panic."  I wonder if there is a list of upbeat comments to use when members have increased in weight?  "Oh, it's just a teeny tiny amount," for when the gain is less than a pound.  And perhaps, "It's just a blip," for one to two pound increases.  I can imagine the Manual of Acceptable Phrasing saying something like, "Always make the members feel good, regardless of how much weight they may have gained."  Today I am 125.6.  The last time my weight was officially this high was in April of 2009. Okay, I have a month until I have to weigh-in again.  My goal: 122 or less.  I need my small-sized clothes to fit.

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