Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tax time (lyn)

I decide to bake a banana loaf.  I find a recipe for a low-cal version, and then make it even lower cal by substituting margarine with applesauce.  Believe me, that’s not something I thought of; I read some of the consumer comments by other, more skilled bakers.  I wonder how this discovery was ever made?

The result is surprisingly edible.  So much so, that I bring a few slices for my accountant, whom I am meeting this morning.  Seeing Janet always reminds me of that play, Same Time Next Year.  Every February we get together.

I walk in and Janet immediately says, “You really look incredible.”  She’s referring, I’m sure, to the fact that I have remained thin since my last visit a year ago.  Janet struggles with her weight, and while she’s been on Weight Watchers for years, the result is not dramatic enough to notice.

The only good news about earning $3,450 in 2011 is that the process for filing my taxes is painless.  And seeing Janet is always nice.  

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