Monday, February 27, 2012

leftovers (lyn)

There are some benefits to hosting a party, aside from the obvious it feels good to have a bunch of friends over.  First, you don’t have to leave your home.  Second, you don’t have to travel to get home.  And third, you can keep the leftovers.  Not only that, but you get to decide which leftovers to keep, which to give away, and which to toss.  Kind of like cleaning a closet.

I elect to give a way anything that screams at being bad for me.  The remaining quarter of the chocolate mousse cake goes to Shari, along with more than half the lasagna.  A bag of lemon bars go to both Shari and Corinne.  And Janice gets the leftover white wine. 

No one wants the big bag of chips, so I put a few in a baggie and toss the rest.

But I keep: the remains of the arugula salad,  a big fruit bowl, some lemon bars, green beans,  cold ravioli salad stuffed with something brownish (maybe mushrooms?), and the remaining guacamole (this, I know, should have been given away but I just can't resist).

My entire consumption for the day consists of these leftovers.  I have the arugula salad and fruit for lunch, and green beans, cold ravioli, and lemon bars for dinner.

I don’t dare get on a scale. Why didn't I give away all the lemon bars?  Maybe I'll give them to my doormen tomorrow.

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