Thursday, February 23, 2012

a celebration for shari (lyn)

After yesterday’s weigh-in and in anticipation of tonight’s dinner, I try to eat relatively little, but I become less successful as the day progresses.  Last night I had a healthy salad for dinner (my only splurge being the avocado I added) followed by an unsatisfying chocolate Skinny Cow on a stick.

I wake up and weigh myself and my scale says I am down three pounds since yesterday, which of course can’t be right.  I pretend otherwise and bask in the loss.

Breakfast is coffee-only, and lunch is squash soup with those very good, weight watchers 3-point roasted-salsa-multigrain- crisps.  I spend the day working (love being able to say that), getting my hair colored, and then stopping by 16 Handles for a cup of fat-free yogurt.   Come home and can’t resist a handful of cashews. 

Tonight is a special night.  Ten of us are meeting at Grace’s Trattoria to celebrate Shari’s birthday.  One of the girls was diagnosed in September with glioblastoma.  Most of us have not seen her since Shari’s birthday celebration a year ago, and we are all so grateful that she is doing well enough to come.

Janice, Zelia and I are among the first to arrive and I’m able to get a couple of pictures taken.

Aside from one near-explosive argument, everyone seems to have a great night.  The food is excellent and plentiful.  Shari pre-orders salads, fried calamari, salmon-pizza, and the best French Fries I think I’ve ever eaten.  Janice and I split a duck entrée, and we all take a few spoonfuls of multiple desserts.  Red wine is poured throughout the three-hour dinner.

It is a perfect celebration for a very dear friend.  And may all her wishes come true.

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