Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a gift on valentine's day (lyn)

Every three weeks Poland Spring delivers water to my door.  My standard delivery is two, three-gallon bottles, and one case of the half liters, at a cost of about $20.  Last delivery didn’t come at the scheduled time. The next day the wrong delivery was dropped off.  A few phones calls got everything straightened out.

Yesterday was my delivery date, and again, nothing was delivered.  I got a recorded phone call around 7pm…sorry we were unable to deliver, blah, blah, blah…and tomorrow we will try and get to you.  Try?  I mean really, what kind of service is this?

I call Poland Spring today and get someone who sounds like it’s her first day on the job.  I explain the problem and she offers an apology that sounds scripted.  For my inconvenience AGAIN, I ask to be credited for the $7 case.  She does one of these, “Do you mind if I put you on hold for a minute?” and then before I have a chance to answer, I’m listening to awful music.  Ten minutes later a new person picks up and I can immediately tell by her voice I am in safe hands.  Christy’s level of concern suggests she may have been a 911 operator before moving to Poland Spring.

After profusely apologizing for everything (my wait on hold, my inconvenience, the person before her who wasn’t helpful, and things I hadn’t even thought of), Christy says she will credit my entire order of $20 for today.  All I had asked for was a $7 credit.

I so wish Christy would leave Poland Spring and go work at ATT or Time Warner Cable.

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