Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MD aware (lyn)

At today’s weight-watchers meeting, Betsy mentions that the topics lately have centered on the mechanics of losing weight---smaller portions, tracking, fewer high calorie foods, more exercise, etc. etc.  “But what we seem to be leaving out, are the underlying reasons why some of us are stuck.  We’re smart people.  We know what we're supposed to do; we just can’t seem to do it.”  She suggests that some members, like herself, can’t envision themselves as thin.  “It’s as foreign to me as imagining myself living in rural Kentucky,” she says.

After class, Gail and I are talking and she tells me about MD Aware.  She explains it this way.  Let’s say a doctor is operating on a patient and a nurse in the OR says, “Doctor, your patient is turning red. “  And let’s say the doctor responds, “MD Aware.” The nurse should say nothing more.  The doctor has acknowledged his awareness; mission completed.

I think it’s a great response-phrase that can be line-extended.  Student Aware to frustrated mothers who keep trying to give unheeded advice to their college-aged children. Person Aware to people who give ridiculously obvious advice.  And of course Dieter Aware to people who say things like, “Ya know, that chocolate croissant has a lot of calories.” 

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