Thursday, December 30, 2010

impromptu coffee (lyn)

I get an email from one of my book club friends suggesting a coffee get-together at Starbucks.  She’s invited a group of MNS moms.  MNS is the public elementary school that Alexander attended.  I decide to go, as it will be nice to see everyone.

Seven of us show up around 11.  Except for one, all of us have kids who are now seniors, and who spent elementary school together.  It’s till hard to believe that our young children will soon be going to college.  Two of the six seniors have already been accepted into schools:  one is going to Wesleyan and the other to Haverford.  It’s an exciting time. 

I spend way too long in the coffee line deciding.  The calories are posted which is a huge deterrent.  I’m thinking of going for the 130 calorie mini-donut and coffee, but then decide to skip the donut. 

I let the conversation serve as nourishment and leave fully sated. 

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