Monday, December 27, 2010

the teenage mind (lyn)

Snow everywhere.  23 degrees and 20 inches in Central Park.  Alexander comes into my room (where I have been residing since Alexander has taken over the living room for reading David Copperfield (he says) and watching football play-off games.  He announces that he’s meeting some kids to go sledding in Central Park.  A few minutes later he’s in my room ready to go.  He’s wearing a hat, gloves, parka and sneakers.  I mean, c’mon, sneakers?

I tell him he can’t go wearing sneakers but unfortunately he has no boots.  He calls his friend who has extra boots, he says.

A few hours later he’s home.  Freezing.  His friend had graciosuly loaned Alexander his boots as he wanted to wear sneakers.  Alexander admits that Daniel’s feet were wet and freezing.

We have a thrown together dinner and ice cream for dessert.   My weight-watcher sensitivity is on hiatus until the end of break.

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