Monday, December 13, 2010

rose (lyn)

M’s mom was a lucky woman.  She got to watch her three children grow up to become happily married, successful, independent adults who all lived nearby. She had six great grandchildren.  She was healthy and robust until the end.  She was the family’s soul.

Rose never forgot her working class roots, and never let her children forget them either.  She kept them all humble.  True, M will probably not take the time to return sour milk (I mean really, how many people would?), but she never takes for granted her status in life. 

M’s wit is all her own, but some of it may have been crafted from her mom’s droll humor.  I hope M will continue to share with us her Rose stories.  They are funny.  They are unique.  And they characterize the strong mother-daughter bond that existed between the two.

M was an amazing daughter to a sometimes critical, sometimes demanding, but always proud mother.  M would drop everything to run and set her mom’s hair.  Or shovel snow off her sidewalk.  Or take her back to a store to return an item whose value was less than the gas it took to drive there.  M took her mom on her errands because she wanted to.  And Rose wanted to be taken by M.  Their love did not need to be spoken.

On weekends Rose came to M’s home, to help with laundry and other things.  Rose knew how capable M was, but it was something she could do to help out.  It was also another good reason to spend more time with M and her family.

M is strong.  She knows that Rose has gone to a better place.  She left this world with absolute confidence of how loved she was. And now she is with her husband.  Once she gets settled in, she’ll find the local grocery-store equivalent, and will soon be visiting with her exchanges.

Good-bye Rose.  We will miss you.

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