Saturday, December 25, 2010

movie day (lyn)

For those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas, there is Chinese food and a good movie, or two.  For the past few years, I’ve celebrated the holiday by inviting some friends over to watch a couple of the season’s Oscar-contenders.  This year I’m showing The King’s Speech, followed by Sofia’s Copolla’s new movie, Somewhere.  Both opened this week in theaters.

For the 1pm movie, Andrea and her husband arrive with bagels and two kinds of cream cheese.  I’m serving non-alcoholic drinks, cookies that taste great but look bad (since I left the cookie tin on top of the toaster oven and all the cookies melted together), blah-tasting lo-cal popcorn, chocolate candy, and cut up fruit. Carol arrives next with a fruit tart (which we end up never eating).  Robyn brings a bottle of cosmetic brush cleaner (we were in Bergdorf’s last week in the cosmetic department when I mentioned I should really clean my brushes), a face serum (she noticed how dry my skin gets in the winter), and a great pair of cozy, fluffy scented socks.  All are useful and inedible. 

The movie is well done and Colin Fifth is excellent.  He will surely be nominated in the Best Actor category.  We watch the movie and eat.  I end up having a small piece of bagel as the lox-cream cheese looks too good to resist.  And while I do indulge in the tasteless popcorn and fruit, I end up eating a couple of chocolates as well.

Jill arrives around 4pm, in time for movie #2.  She brings all different kinds of Harry and David's cookies and brownies.  Miraculously I eat none of hers but about five of my melted ones.  We watch Somewhere and everyone is incredibly bored since the movie could just as well be named Nowhere.  Nothing at all really happens in the movie.  It’s about what life is like for a young Hollywood star.  All the glamour, all the wealth, all the things that get done for you, and all the emptiness behind it.  Jill really likes it, and the more we discuss it, the more we all appreciate it.

Everyone leaves by 8, and Alexander and I end up ordering in Chinese food-shrimp with vegetables, and a couple of cookies for dessert.

It’s a nice day spent with good friends, hanging out, and eating too much of the wrong thing.  My Paige jeans are beginning to feel a little tight.

Once the new year starts, I will be tracking again.  At least for a while.

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