Sunday, May 22, 2011

and I make dessert (lyn)

For weeks now, I have been holding onto a recipe for Creamy Lemon Pie.  The appetizing picture in the weight watchers weekly booklet looks just like a key lime pie, one of my favorite desserts. 

Today I decide to make it.  I buy the ingredients, and even use my microplane grater.  I bought this utensil several years ago after reading an article in the New York Times saying every kitchen must have one.  Today I unwrap it from its plastic cover and use it to create lemon zest.

After my spaghetti squash fiasco, Alexander is skeptical of any recipe from Weight Watchers. “I’m not sure I'll have any,” he tells me before the pie is even made.  “It’s probably one of those recipes that uses tofu as a sweetener for sugar.”  I promise him it’s not. 

It’s easy to make and the end product actually looks good.

Alexander even likes it,  though he'd probably enjoy it even more if he could eat it blindfolded.  The uncut version is far more appetizing.

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