Thursday, May 19, 2011

the waiting is over (m)

Cleaned my closet this week.  The goal was to attack the project and get rid of stuff I've been shuffling around for years. 

I come to a section of clothes that I've been holding onto for a while.  Tags still on them.  They didn't fit me when I bought them but I had to have them at the time and hoped it would incent me to lose weight to wear them. 

I am feeling optimistic.  I wasn't far off from fitting into these clothes last summer.  Today should be the day they fit.

I put make-up on and a good set of underwear (Spanx, of course).  Ready.

I try the first outfit.  It fits!  I look in the mirror.  It's horrible.  Wrong color, wrong style.

Second outfit.  Same thing.  I look like I have jaundice.  I take it off before I convince myself I have a disease.

Third outfit.  The color is right but the style looks like something from an Austin Powers movie.  When did I buy this?  Before Sam was born?

Fourth outfit.  A red dress from Marshall's. Norma Komali jersey knit.  Originally priced at $250.  I got it for $49.  Now I know why.  If I extend my arms, I look like a red bat with these dolman sleeves.  How did I not notice this?

By now, I don't even want to try on the fifth outfit, but I do.  Donna Karan pants.  I look like the side of a barn in these.  What possessed me to buy wide-leg pants?  I look like Friar Tuck.

I look at the other clothes.  At least I'm up the learning curve and can detect which ones won't work without trying them on.

I keep one blouse.

If I hadn't lost weight, I would still be holding onto these things, dreaming of the day I would be thin enough to wear them.

I look at my closet.  If it could speak, I imagine it would say: "Took you long enough."

We both are lighter.

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