Saturday, May 14, 2011

pre-prom party-6 points (m)

I didn't go to my junior prom.  Instead, I went to my friend Fran's summer cottage (that's being kind) on the Cape (not exactly; I'm not sure we crossed either the Bourne or Sagamore bridges).  I remember we ate pizza and ice cream.  Of the 3 other girls who went, one became a lesbian years later.

My senior prom, I remember well.  Dennis L asked me the week before.  I wore a lovely lavender satin halter dress with matching shawl.  It cost a whopping $75 and had a small stain on the back from where my uncle danced with me at my parent's 25th wedding anniversary party, where I debuted this confection.

I don't recall any pre-prom party for that occasion.  I think my father dropped me off at my prom date's house.  Since we went to a Catholic high school, there certainly was no post-prom party either.  None of that nonsense.

Harrison's junior prom is tonight.  Such a production.

First, I had to get his tux without him as he was too busy with school, skating, AP exams and SAT subject tests.  No air in this kid's schedule.

Webb, the sales "consultant" at Men's Wearhouse, was apprehensive about taking the order without the kid being there.  I had every measurement he could possibly want (and then some, like "girth") which I got from the guy who does the skating costumes (remember, "Jesus didn't wear pants...").

Picked out a nice tux and shoes.

Called the florist and ordered a wrist corsage.  White flower, white ribbon.  They recommend the newest design which is 4 white tea roses on a bed of green .

One ambitious and generous mother offers to host the pre-prom party.  16 kids and their parents.  At least 5 emails from our hostess on this subject (bus details, directions, etc).  Parents have been responding all week AND COPYING EVERYONE on the distribution list. It almost crashed my system.

One of my favorite mothers invites the whole group to sleep over her home post prom.  She is a divorced woman, living with her son and ailing, elderly mother (92 years old).  Is she nuts?  I offer to help her and she is grateful.  I have to get the breakfast food.

Go to the grocery store and buy juice and cream cheese.  We'll get bagels and coffee in the morning.

The big day comes.  The jacket and shirt are too small.  So are the shoes ( I told Webb that Harrison wears an 11.5 size shoe.  He said the patent leather shoes run small.  Why, then, did he give us an 11 shoe?).    I have to go back to Men's Wearhouse while Harrison is at Physical Therapy.  They try to charge me $20 more for a late change.  I told them Harrison's measurements haven't changed.  The problem was in their interpretation of his measurements.  Get out of there without paying extra.

Harrison picks up the corsage.  We both looked at the corsage, then at each other.  Is this a joke?  Picture a waterlily leaf and add a rose bud to it.  We can't give that to someone.  And for what they charged for this.  I called the florist to say I was "underwhelmed."  They offered to replace it with something more traditional (the insinuation being I'm not hip enough to appreciate such an avant garde design).  They switch the flowers at 5 p.m.

We arrive at the pre-prom house which is very nice.  The dining room table filled with pin wheel sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, beer, wine, water.

The kids are not interested in eating.  They look great and seem really happy.  The parents are snapping away like paparazzi.

 I am overwhelmed by everything.  Such a production.

Some parents ask if we have plans for the evening and offer to go out with us.

I talk to T and we decide to stay in and have a quiet night.  This prom exhausts me.

Before we leave, I drink some wine, have a piece of cheese on a cracker and a piece of fruit.  Six points.

I've earned it.  Such a production.

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