Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a sweet summer story (lyn)

Another hot day.  I decide around 3 to go see a $4 play.  Baby It’s You, a musical about The Shirelles.  I buy two tickets.  The play has gotten bad reviews, but everyone who sees it, loves it.  I can’t give the ticket away.  Everyone is either busy, wants to stay in because they have been busy, or hate theater (that would be my son).

The play starts at 7, so I hastily eat only some prosciutto, and a 10-day old apple tart from the farmer’s market.  With some big graduation meals planned for next weekend, I am trying to eat light.

My seat is perfect.  Aisle, about ten rows back.  The reviews were right.  The book is flawed.  But the music, voices and costumes are superb.  Truly, I doubt any non-theater critic would notice the lack of depth in the characters. 

I take the subway home.  In my car is a lovely girl dressed in white carrying a small bouquet, and wearing a white feathery tiara.  Her date is tall and dressed in a nice suit.  They are with another well-dressed couple.  My first guess is prom.  But they look a little older than prom-age.  Next I think graduate school graduation.  But they are a little over-dressed for that.  So I ask.  In broken English I’m told, “Today we get married in Central Park.”  They are on their way back to the hotel from dinner.  They are from Germany, and it has been their dream to get married here in New York, in Central Park.

The train stops, and the small party of four exits.  As they are leaving, the entire car erupts in applause. 

Contrary to its reputation, I believe New Yorkers are a very friendly bunch.

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