Monday, May 30, 2011

I buy a skort at BJs (m)

Susan calls and wakes me up this morning.  Do I want to meet her at the mall to get the Pratesi sheets she picked up for me at TJ Maxx this week?

We decide instead to meet at BJs.

We meet, greet and go in together.  I like shopping with Susan because she is independent.  She goes her way, I go mine and we meet by chance at different spots in the store, checking each other's carts to see what's "hot."

Susan recommends the men's LaCoste shirts.  I buy one for my husband.  I recommend the gourmet carrots and Bumblebee prime filet gold can tuna.  Susan buys those.

Somewhere around the tomatoes, I spot a cotton mini-skirt.  What would I do with a mini skirt?  Well, first of all, I'm not tall, so the skirt would probably fall to my knees.  Second, this skirt--if it fits--would solve a lot of problems.  Specifically, what to wear on a 90+ degree day.  I'm sick of wearing pants and shorts ride up on me.  Also, wouldn't this be great to wear over my bathing suit at the beach?  My family hates my Danskin bike shorts in black.  It's a real Jersey Shore look, they say.

The skirts come in royal blue, red, hot pink and white. Anne Klein.  Marked down to $14.99 from $54.99. I pick up a red and a pink.  I try to guess my size and get the next size up just in case.  They look like they run a little on the small side.

There are no dressing rooms in BJs and it's not like Filene's Basement where you can try on stuff in the middle of the aisle. 

I decide I have to try the skirt on before I leave the store.  I look for a low-activity aisle where the odds are high that I won't be seen.  It's a toss-up between the incontinence products and automotive.  I settle for automotive so as not to risk given some senior a shock that could put them in a hospital.

I try the smaller-sized red skirt.  It's perfect.  Hits at the top of my knee.  I actually could wear this out with a long black tee-shirt.  Maybe I'll wear it on the Fourth of July. 

A woman comes around the corner, sees me and looks surprised.  I explain what I'm doing and ask her what she thinks about the fit.  She says to turn around.  I do.  She says it's perfect.  I ask if she's sure and explain it comes in a larger size.  "No, that would swim on you," she says.    I wanted to hug her.

As I'm taking the skirt off, I notice it has built-in panties.  How thoughtfully designed, I think.

Heading to the registers, I run into this woman with whom I used to work.  She checks out my cart and says, "Oh, I see you bought one of those skorts."

I'll be honest, I liked it a lot better when I didn't know it was a "skort."

On the other hand, I just might go back and get the white one next time.

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