Thursday, November 17, 2011

another screening (lyn)

I meet Gail for lunch before our screening of Take Shelter, an interesting movie with a stunning performance by Michael Shannon.

The place I’ve chosen for lunch is a tiny midtown restaurant called Macaron.  I’ve been there before.  They have unusual sandwiches and salads, and yummy little macarons.  I arrive at two, assuming the place that has about four tables will be empty.  It isn’t.  People are squeezed in everywhere and every table is taken. Fortunately,  Gail is already there and is seated at one of the few tables.  “I just want to tell you, they are out of bread.”  It’s a sandwich place, and they are out of bread?  We leave.

We walk a block and go to David Burke’s restaurant at Bloomingdales.  It’s perfect.  There are at least five things on the menu that I’d love, although none of them are even remotely weight-watcher friendly.  Maybe that’s why it is so appealing.  I order the crab cake sliders with fries.  The little crab cakes are adorable. They come on teeny-tiny hamburger buns, and each one (there are three) is perfectly prepared.  They look like they belong in a doll house, except that they are filling and delicious with more crab than batter.  They’d be wasted on Barbie and her friends. 

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